Sunday, 13 August 2017

What's On In The Studio - Enriching Events in Wolverhampton UK August to December 2017

What’s On – Clare Wassermann’s Studio – Room 103, Gallery Building, Newhampton Arts Centre

August 21st and 22nd
Bread breaking and Peace Event for women – two separate evening events. Bring bread and a cushion / blanket. Meditation and peace evenings.
Hosted by Rachel Arnold

Contact for info
£10 or concessions
Monday August 14th
Studio also open at selected times in the day

Sunday September 3rd
Art making as a response to stories told by International Storyteller Ana Lines – theme “Autumn” – no experience necessary. Age 15+      10.30am – 4pm
Thursday September 14th
Oil Painting with Wayne Attwood RBSA
10.30am – 4pm
£25 or £30 using our materials
Thursday 22nd September
Meeting The Beloved – details to follow - evening

Thursday September 28th
Sound Bath with Liz Pritchard – a beautiful way to relax and immerse yourself in singing bowls, crystal bowls and gongs.
8 – 9.15pm early booking essential – very popular!
Saturday September 30th
“Painting With Fibres” – Autumn Offerings 11am-4pm all materials included
Sunday October 1st
Sketchbook Club. Come and enjoy tea/coffee and make work in your sketchbook with a group of like-minded people. Untaught / bring your own materials / have fun 10.30 – 12.30
Friday October 6th
Medgel-‘Portrait of a Witch’ is a collaborative piece between visual artist Anne Marie Lagram and storyteller which will entice an audience to become involved in exploring the landscape and components that make someone be identified as a witch.
Pagan festival downstairs on Saturday
FREE - but please let us know you are coming
Saturday October 14th – Sunday October 15th OPEN STUDIOS
In association with Wolverhampton Society of Artists
11 – 2.30pm
Thursday 12th October
Sound Bath with Liz Pritchard – a beautiful way to relax and immerse yourself in singing bowls, crystal bowls and gongs.
8 – 9.15pm early booking essential – very popular!
Wednesday October 18th
“Sacred Earth”  Gentle movement to inspire painting on the theme of Harvest and Abundance – with Sarah Vernon and Clare Wassermann  - no experience necessary
Sunday November 5th
Sketchbook Club. Come and enjoy tea/coffee and make work in your sketchbook with a group of like-minded people. Untaught / bring your own materials / have fun 10.30 – 12.30
Thursday 9th November
Sound Bath with Liz Pritchard – a beautiful way to relax and immerse yourself in singing bowls, crystal bowls and gongs.
8 – 9.15pm early booking essential – very popular!
Saturday 12th November
Keith Hackwood – psychotherapist and Mindfulness trainer
 “Mindfulness For Self-Compassion”  explore
ways of applying mindfulness to caring for ourselves

Friday 17th November
Batik on Rice Paper Workshop with Jacky Fellows – materials provided except please bring watercolours and brushes. 10am – 4pm
Saturday 18th November
Textile Workshop with Clare Wassermann in Association with Wolverhampton Society of Artisits
Sunday December 3rd
Art making as a response to stories told by International Storyteller Ana Lines – theme “Winter” – no experience necessary. Age 15+     10.30am – 4pm
Thursday December 7th
Sound Bath with Liz Pritchard – a beautiful way to relax and immerse yourself in singing bowls, crystal bowls and gongs.
8 – 9.15pm early booking essential – very popular!

All bookings taken in advance - do contact me to secure your space. 

Studio address - Newhampton Arts Centre
Dunkley Street
Wolverhampton WV1

Car park and lift available. Cafe open Monday- Saturday for lunches

Monday, 10 July 2017

Personal Challenge Result

Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a personal obligation to yourself to show up to a challenge every day. As a self employed artist who is selling internationally it’s easy to stay within the style your clients see as you.
It is important though to continue to develop and exercise the creative muscle out of the normal zone. Hence today I have finished a personal challenge to paint a small landscape every day for thirty days. I set the challenge publicly so that I was accountable. Some days it was uncomfortable to show up to the easel. Some days I had to paint at 5am to get it done. But I did it. 
Today is the last day. I can truly say I have developed over the short time and experimented in ways I may not normally when working on commissions.
….and funnily enough I have sold three of them completely unintentionally. I wouldn’t have guessed that would happen.
Here’s to setting slightly uncomfortable goals!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

2016 - a good year for art

If you don’t know me already this is a little about me and the year that has nearly finished. It’s been a whirlwind, very busy but very happy-making!!
Clare Wassermann lives and works in Wolverhampton. Originally gaining an honours degree in Music with Education, then teaching and playing saxophone and clarinet in London and Nottingham, she re-qualified as a Registered Homeopath and returned to Wolverhampton in 2001. For fourteen years she happily combined teaching and homeopathy but then her artwork suddenly began to take off.
“I have always enjoyed painting, drawing and stitching since childhood, encouraged by my father who was a long-standing member of Wolverhampton Society of Artists, but suddenly my work really began to sell in 2014”
She had started to paint larger paintings which were very vibrant and uplifting and buyers were inspired by their optimistic and health giving properties. “I love the idea of layer upon layer in paint, memories and experience. Some paintings have ten or even twenty layers built up and most are in response to my meditation and yoga practice. All are a pure celebration of my external and internal landscape. Juxtaposition of edges and colour combinations excite me.
I use recurring symbols, meaningful to me and sometimes words in my layers, building up and letting go of images as I work.
Sometimes I work in fabric and stitch for even more texture.
I use my intuition, as far as possible, to take me on the journey towards a final balance point. This art practice becomes a metaphor for life”.

In January 2016, after a successful exhibition, she took the plunge and rented a studio at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton and since then things have moved apace.
An American Author, Kathy Walsh, admired her work on Instagram and asked her if she would illustrate her next children’s book. “I looked at her previous books on Amazon and saw that she was writing with an aim to promote peace and mindfulness for children”, Clare commented, “so I decided to accept this opportunity and embrace a new genre for me”.
The first two books, “Today An Elephant I Will Be” and “My Mindfulness ABC”are now available and I’m working on the third which will be out in the early part of next year. Kathy and she are planning some events in the U.S.A. next year.
Another unexpected development has been teaching art workshops in the studio space. I work with small groups to open up creative ideas and build confidence in expression in paint and mixed media. Artists who are experiencing block and adults who feel that they would like to paint creatively but lack confidence have all enjoyed these unusual and enjoyable days.
Details on the Workshop page
Some items are in my SHOP (always being updated)- otherwise contact me

A big THANK YOU to all those who have supported me and encouraged along the way. You know who you are, and I couldn’t have kept it up without you.

Gentle Rain2 Clare Wassermann 30 inches square photo Neil Roberts

“Gentle Rain” Acrylic on box canvas 30″ x 30″

For more information please visit
Facebook Clare Wassermann Art and Stitch
Instagram Clare­_Wassermann_Art

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Summer Updates

I certainly am enjoying the longer days of Summer despite the enormous amount of rain that we have experienced here in the UK. But the upside of that is that everything is very lush and green around where I live. The garden is romping away and the weeds are growing, as usual twice as fast as everything else!
It’s been a busy two months. My ‘creativity in paint workshops’ have taken off – all the sketchbook, 12″ canvas and 30″ canvas ones have filled up here in Wolverhampton, so I am shortly going to release some more dates on the Workshops page of this website. However I am taking to the road in October and doing some teaching in Cornwall (October 26th in Mylor Bridge, near Truro and October 27th at Threemilestone, also near Truro).
It’s all about expressing yourself in paint in sketchbooks and on paper – beginners and more experienced are very welcome.
Connect and Unite
Connect and Unite – Sketchbook 2016


Crazy mad summer time – the season for art to come out of the closet it seems. I am lucky to be selected for exhibition currently in Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Asylum Gallery Wolverhampton and I’ve just been astounded to find myself in the Macynlleth Open at MOMA Wales from July 9th – September 1st with a small oil painting entitled ” At My Side My Cradled Infant Slumbers Peacefully” taken from a line from a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. A great honour to be part of this.
And In My Arms My Infant Gently Slumbers_oil on board_12x8_inches_scan
“At My Side My Cradled Infant Slumbers Peacefully” Oil on Canvas 8″x 12″
Gentle Rain2 Clare Wassermann 30 inches square photo Neil Roberts
“Gentle Rain” Acrylic on box canvas 30″ x 30″

Pintar Rapido

We had our own Pintar Rapido here in Wolverhampton last weekend which was a great community event. We called it Paint The Day – 70 members of the public got their paper and canvases stamped and rushed into the very changeable weather to paint scenes in the local area of Whitmore Reans in Inner City Wolverhampton. We returned our work by 5pm and overnight some elves hung the exhibition.
It’s still up until next Saturday (July 9th) at Newhampton Arts Centre for the public to see at midday for two hours during the week and all day Saturday until the closing in the evening. All work is for sale and there is an auction on Saturday of remaining pieces. Proceeds go to keep this lovely Arts Centre open as the funding has all been removed by the Council due to continuing austerity measures. Do go and support everyone if you can – there’s some lovely children’s work.
painting in West Park conservatory
partially worked painting in West Park Conservatory
Finally  to mention I am part of a lovely exhibition at Tettenhall Wood Institute which is of a wonderfully diverse and contemporary spread of work by Wolverhampton Embroiderers’ Guild. Open 10-4 July 9th and 10th

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Sketchbook Work

Sketchbook work

One of the beauties of keeping a sketchbook for painting in, I find, is not necessarily making notes and thumbnails for future work, but simply to feel an emotion into. This is what I try to teach on some of  my workshops.
The sketchbook is a freeing and liberating place sometimes, without the importance of a full sized painting.
This week I attended a funeral for a colleague who’s life was cut short before she was even 40 years old. There are no words for this. It was useful for me to express the inexpressible. Both art and music do this for me.
The Inexpressible

A Pleasure Trip

Yesterday I went to Saltaire, Yorkshire to visit the open houses there which have displays and sales of art in them from artists of the area. The houses in themselves are treat to visit, built as they were originally as dwellings for workers in the mill belonging to Titus Salt. There was some excellent art to be seen – it’s all open again today if you can manage the trip.
Salt’s Mill itself is now an amazing building with galleries, shops and a huge amount of work by David Hockney. It was fabulous to stand so close to paintings such as this which are all in a shop which is filled with art books and materials – heaven!
This is Salt’s Mill – huge! What’s more it has the most glorious kitchenware shop!
salts mill


See the workshops page above – I have opened a couple of new dates for Creative Sketchbooks workshops – click here for information as to what’s available – they are proving very popular. They take place in Wolverhampton but there will be some in Cornwall in October. Watch this space!


Two coming up soon
  1. Wolverhampton Open Studios – my studio at Newhampton Arts Centre, Dunkley St., Wolverhampton WV1 4AN is open on June 25-26th 2016 from 10am – 3pm.
    Lots of other houses and studios are open that weekend.
  2. Bantock House and Park, Wolverhampton July 23rd – Sept 4th 2016 with a theme of “Birds”. Children’s activities and exhibition in the gallery. Street Art also by Steve Edwards.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Workshops with Clare Wassermann

Recently I have started teaching and hosting workshops at my studio in Newhampton Arts Centre, Dunkley Street, Wolverhampton WV1 4AN
Sometimes I am the tutor and other times there is a visiting teacher.

WORKSHOP:Unleash Your Creativity – Clare Wassermann10am – 4pm – £25houses_journal_2016

May 10th 2016 – full

June 8th 2016 – full

July 4th 2016 – full

September 13th 2016 – 5 spaces available 


A workshop to help you open up your creative soul and find a voice with paint in sketchbooks and on paper. This would be ideal if you have never painted before or you have plenty of art experience but suffer creative block and don’t know where to start.
A relaxed and introspective day to fire up your creative mojo.
email me on to reserve a space


Jewellery Making with Linda Alton

Thursday May 26th 9.45 – 2.15 – two places left
£30 includes all materials

Jewellery Workshop
A wonderful introduction to making beautiful jewellery
What you’ll learn on the day:
• Introductions to jewellery making tools and their uses
• Introduction to jewellery making supplies
• Turning the perfect loop using silver wire
• Making strong connections with jump rings
• Design and make a pair of earrings
• Design and make a simple bracelet
• Design and make an adjustable pendant
• Stockists to get you started to continue with your creative jewellery making
email Clare on to reserve your space.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Best Thing Ever

Follow the link to see why I'm super duper excited and working hard at the moment. Except work is the wrong word. 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

No Time Like The Present

"Right Here And Now"
A reminder of where to be!
12x12" acrylic in box canvas. Ready to hang. 

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


I loved working on this painting in 2014. It was a symbol of a new way of working taking my inspiration from meditation and yoga. 

This week I sold it and let it go. Something I could have found difficult but I make a practice of being able to let go throughout life. It’s a key secret and needs to be repeatedly worked on in every sense. 

Anyway it has a lovely new owner who is very pleased I’m happy to say.  

“By The Pool” 

Acrylic on canvas 24″x29″

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Products from my paintings!

Very excited that my new iPhone case has arrived with one of my paintings on it! Quite a few products available with my designs now at the above link: eg mugs, cushions, lovey tote bags and cases for phones, laptops and tablets. Click on the link below to take a look.
All colourful and vibrant

Sunday, 3 January 2016

New year, New place

Here's what's new for 2016; I've rented a studio, well half a studio at a local arts centre to see how it feels to go to work out of the house. Well it's half a studio but it's big and set in a Victorian school room, so lovely large windows and plenty of light. 
I went today and stitched to try to break the back of a big quilt based on a painting of mine. I got more done than I would have done at home because of the lack of domestic distractions. 
I just need to get my paints there and make that transition next. 
Here it is so far
I do hope it works out and that I don't miss working from the convenience of my room at home. It's only 2 miles away though so it should be ok! 

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sketchbook slitherings

So much rain! Another slithery muddy walk at Baggeridge. Even though the going is a challenge underfoot there's still that low sunlight slanting through rushes and tonal contrast to note in a sketchbook

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A Walk in Tonal Values

Today I went for a walk to blow away the Christmas stuffiness. It was at Baggeridge which was the site of brickworks in the Industrial Revolution. Today it's a country park but there are mines below the ground and caves and because of that there are occasionally minor earthquakes centred here. Unusual in the UK. 
Today it was crisp but muddy underfoot. The sun shone and the value contrasts were heavenly. When I came back I wanted to capture the astonishing lights against darks at Bag Pond

Monday, 28 December 2015

What The World Needs

"Peace; and Light Rising" - a small painting to wish something for the New Year that this world needs beyond all else.
I have decided to sell a series of new small works to fund the rental of my new studio. This is available for £75.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Cotswold Scene

The Cotswolds are one of the most beautiful parts of the British Isles. Lying just south of the Midlands, the rolling countryside and honey stone walls of the buildings provide plenty of inspiration for an artist. 

Last year I had the good fortune to be able to go and stay with my family in a little cottage in Chipping Camden and we had some beautiful walks even though the weather was quite stormy.

In the piece above you can see the dark lowering clouds against bright green fields. This is a mixed media piece using gesso, acrylic ink, watercolour, stitch, lace and more. 

Today I sold it to a loving home and I’m very happy. 

Friday, 4 December 2015


Very pleased to be part of this next week; I have nine pieces showing and there are several artists, a bar and band and other events. 

acrylic on canvas

“Dance Like Never Before”

Illusion Art Fair

Showing: 11/12/2015 to 13/12/2015

Wolverhampton – Newhampton Arts Centre

The first Contemporary Art Fair held in the restored gallery hall with plenty of art on display accompanied by live music and premium bar. Tickets: Donation to the Newhampton Arts Centre.

The gala opening night of Illusion Contemporary Art Fair is at Newhampton Arts Centre Friday 11th December 6-10pm featuring live music from talented vocalist Karla Milton with the beautiful sounds of guitar, clarinet and piano from James and Andrea Stanley; a showcase of artistic designs from London College of fashion lecturer Lucy London who is about to launch a fashion academy in Wolverhampton; a bar and the opportunity to preview and purchase work before the main weekend of the fair. Saturday 12th December and Sunday 13th December opening hours are 11am – 4pm. 

With the caliber of artists and work featured the team running Illusion Contemporary Art Fair are expecting a busy weekend with many beautiful and exclusive Christmas gifts finding their way to new homes.

Kesia Pennington-Yates
Tel: 07956995362